Sunday, February 8, 2015

My new favorite soup!

Along this journey I have challenged myself to try new recipes and new foods.  Pinterest has been a go to source for finding new things.  This fall I found this recipe from Recipes that Crock and I also found my new favorite soup!

First let me tell you that I've made this soup in the crock pot and on the stove (because I just couldn't wait).  When I make this soup I make a few changes to make it a little healthier.  Here's my version of this amazing recipe!

Instead of ground beef, I use extra-lean ground turkey.  I also substitute brown rice for white rice.  The last change I make is using chicken broth instead of beef broth.  Sometimes I've used all chicken broth and other times I've used a combination of the two.  It really just depends on what I have in my pantry at the time.  The last thing I do is an addition - a little trick from my favorite Tortilla Soup recipe.  I add a little A1 Steak Sauce and Worstershire Sauce to the soup.  I know what you're thinking - REALLY????? - because I thought the same thing.  But something about this little addition really kicks up the flavor factor of the soup.

When I make this soup on the stove top, I do not pre-cook the rice.  I just throw it in there and allow the soup to simmer until the rice is tender.  It usually takes about 45 minutes for brown rice.  

So if you are having some cold winter days give it a try!  It's delicious and healthy!  So good that it recently won the ribbon for Healthiest Soup at my school's SOUPer Bowl luncheon.

Pop over to Recipes That Crock for the complete recipe!

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